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Technical Services

Interfleet's extensive business strategy and engineering consultancy services are perfectly complimented and augmented by our suite of Technical Services. These include:

  • Auditing

  • Documentation Services

  • Independent Checking Engineers
  • On-site Engineers

  • Technical Investigations

  • Interfleet's auditing and on-site engineering skills encompass a range of specialisms, including cost control, risk analysis, asset protection and supplier assessment. Both resident engineers (for permanent on-site cover) and surveillance engineers (for roving support at multiple sites, or across different aspects of work) can be provided.

    Interfleet has extensive experience in supporting operators, manufacturers, overhaulers and maintainers. Our audit engineers add value by both assisting the contractor and above all ensuring our client's interests are protected, by advising and possible improvements to products, processes and working practises.

    Interfleet's audit capabilities range from high-level development of auditing programmes and strategic reviews of audit practice through to the practical application of auditing with on-site engineers. Examples of our on-site engineering experience include:
    • On-site engineering support at European works on behalf of a SE Asian rail authority, witnessing type-testing and monitoring/inspecting the quality of new vehicles being constructed for the client.

    • Provision of Quality Engineers for a leading UK train operator, to inspect vehicles undergoing heavy repairs at workshops.

    • Reviewing the quality of refurbishment work provided at various sites for a UK rail vehicle leasing firm, in order to ensure that 'half-life' overhauls being undertaken on the owner's vehicles met the required standards.
    The Interfleet Technical Services team can also provide technical documentation, for example maintenance manuals, complimenting our wider 'Asset Optimisation' services. Additionally, a wide range of technical investigations can be undertaken, for example component or system failure.



    Technical Failure

    Case Studies

    Axlebox Failures