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Safety and Approvals

Interfleet Technology has wide-ranging and in-depth experience of Safety and System Assurance issues relating to all aspects of rail transportation. Interfleet's consultants bring together the in-depth railway engineering experience and specialist risk assessment expertise to undertake rigorous Safety analyses on behalf of a wide range of clients, including Railtrack plc, with whom we are approved suppliers of Safety engineering expertise. Our capabilities include:

  • Engineering Approvals

  • Independent Safety Assessment

  • Railway Safety Cases
  • Risk Management

  • Vehicle Acceptance Services

  • Interfleet has been instrumental in developing Safety Strategies and undertaking Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) for vehicle manufacturers and has also been involved in planning the Safety Management structures to introduce tilting trains to the UK infrastructure. Interfleet has also undertaken significant work in connection with the planning, execution and assessment of Safety Cases for rolling stock, trainborne and trackside equipment, infrastructure and infrastructure change.

    Other examples of our Safety & Approvals skills include:
    • Production of a Safety Case for platform re-alignment/re-profiling in preparation for Heathrow Express trains at Paddington Station.

    • Management of rolling stock signalling compatibility Safety Cases to meet the requirements of UK infrastructure owners and the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

    • Assisting manufacturers in providing compliant tender responses for new rolling stock in terms of safety strategy.

    • Independent third party assessment of Safety Case submissions and Risk/Cost Benefit assessments for vehicle/infrastructure modifications, including demonstration of the ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Practicable) risk principle.

    Risk Assessment

    Engineering Acceptance