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Engineering Consultancy

Developing lasting value through creativity and innovation

With a resource of over 200 experienced engineering professionals and technical specialists, Interfleet can provide engineering consultancy support across all aspects of the railway system, encompassing civil engineering, infrastructure and rolling-stock. Our Total Rail Systems engineering consultancy skills include:

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Engineering Design

  • Expert Witness Services

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Incident & Accident Investigation
  • Industrial Design

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Specialist Investigations

  • Systems Integration

  • Interfleet works with train-operators, rail-vehicle leasing companies, finance-houses, manufacturers, maintainers, equipment suppliers, infrastructure organisations, governmental/regulatory bodies and other key railway organisations world-wide, providing innovative, high value-added total rail systems engineering consultancy. Just some of the extensive range of engineering consultancy assignments delivered by Interfleet:
    • Engineering consultancy support for a leading rail vehicle leasing organisation, resolving a wide range of engineering issues and improving reliability for a fleet of high speed trains.

    • Engineering consultancy support for a major South African heavy-haul freight operator, developing and implementing a range of modifications to freight locomotive gearboxes and transmissions, in order to improve fleet reliability/availability, thereby assisting the client in reaching their target of carrying a much greater tonnage of cargo each year.

    • Engineering support for a major infrastructure maintenance organisation, working with the client to enhance the reliability and availability of their fleet of Multi Purpose Vehicles (MPVs) used for track /infrastructure maintenance duties.

    Expert Witness


    Route Gauging

    Light Rail

    Case Studies

    Tilting Trains

    Industrial Design

    Gauging for Tilting Trains

    Freight Vehicle Ride and Dynamics

    Damage Limitation