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Business Solutions

Effective, insight-driven solutions

With structural change to encourage greater patronage of railways taking place in many countries around the world, the international railway industry is currently undergoing unprecedented transformation and development. Considerable investments are planned or in progress which require careful management to ensure maximum impact.

As one of the leading international railway consultancy organisations, Interfleet is working with clients throughout the world to implement new products, develop new processes and achieve maximum impact from their investment programmes. Interfleet brings resources from all business disciplines, including contracting, finance, marketing, strategy and transport-planning to deliver success.

Interfleet's wide range of Business Solutions services include:

  • Asset Procurement

  • Benchmarking

  • Change Management

  • Contract Negotiation

  • Economic Appraisal

  • Financial Modelling
  • Franchising & Re-Franchising Support

  • Market Development Strategies

  • Risk Management

  • Route Upgrade Analysis

  • Transport Planning

  • Many strategic assignments have successfully been delivered for a diverse range of international clients. Notable commissions include:
    • Supporting UK operators with franchise bids and re-franchising opportunities, including revenue growth forecasts, infrastructure upgrades, timetable developments, fleet upgrade/replacement strategies and train performance.

    • Strategic support to the UK government Strategic Rail Authority, advising on route-upgrade and fleet-replacement strategies, to provide for passenger growth

    • Strategic support to the Australian government Transport Reform Unit, advising on privatisation and franchising of passenger rail services

    • Assisting a major Malaysian transport consortium with commercial, financial legal and technical negotiations for a new total rail system

    • Enabling a major Korean manufacturing organisation to successfully penetrate a new overseas market and secure a multi-million dollar order.

    • Working with the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD) to develop a procurement specification for new freight locomotives in Uzbekistan.

    • Working with a major UK light rail operator to improve operational performance and improve journey times.

    • Advising one of the UK's leading financial institutions on rail investment opportunities.

    • Working with a multi-billion pound UK transport Plc to review, validate and advise upon upgrade strategies for route infrastructure and train services, as part of a suite of upgrade proposals for a key UK rail corridor.


    Strategic Planning