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Interfleet Creates Snack Car For Irish Rail

For use in a rake of Mk3 coaches to operate on the 160km/hour main line between Dublin and Waterford, and possibly on to Cork, a former British Mk3 InterCity TRFK 40513 catering coach is currently undergoing conversion into a modern snack car vehicle. Interfleet Technology won the £1m contract awarded by Iarnrod Eireann (Irish Rail) following its purchase of the vehicle from Porterbrook Leasing.

Responsible for design, procurement and project management, Interfleet's remit is to create a modern interior, providing maximum seating capacity with light catering facilities and a snack counter. The new saloon features 2x2 seating with tables on each side of the central gangway and a snack bar area where light meals may be microwaved and hot and cold drinks supplied. An overhead rack is provided above the seats for personal items like coats and a luggage stack is provided for suitcases and heavy luggage.

In addition to the installation of a Mk3b style ceiling featuring lowered ceiling panels and new lighting, on-board telephone and a PA system, the vehicle will be fitted out with dedicated seating and toilet facilities for the disabled, meeting with the latest disabled persons regulations.

Vehicle body work involves stretching the bogies to satisfy the Republic of Ireland's wider track gauge of 1.6m, the fitment of swing plug doors to replace the slam doors, alterations to the buffer, draw-gear and inter-vehicle couplings and the addition of an internal vestibule/saloon power-operated sliding door. Under-frame, the conversion involves the installation of a new UP32 air conditioning module and battery module, and provision for a retention tank for the future supply of a vacuum flush toilet system.

Work began during October 2000 and delivery to Dublin Inchicore Works is scheduled for mid 2001. On winning the contract Interfleet Technology moved quickly to establish contracts with various sub-contractors and suppliers including Railway Projects for the conversion work, Engineering & Management Consultants for the interior design, Wabtec Rail for the bogie conversion and Serco Rail for the EDU workshop conversion location. Temoinsa (Spain) supplied the disabled toilet and Tebel Technologies (Holland) the swing plug doors while UK-based Vapor Stone and Richmond are supplying the air conditioning module and seats respectively.

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