On Train Systems

Under the leadership of experienced industry specialist Chris Baker, Interfleet offers a strong On Train Systems capability, with extensive expertise and experience in this often complex and sometimes misunderstood area of the railway industry. As Chris explains:

"Interfleet has extensive technical knowledge in the whole area of On Train Systems, building on and complimenting our core engineering consultancy services. The combination of these skills means Interfleet offers clients a powerful "one-stop-shop", encompassing not just the actual Systems technology, but also design, 'turnkey' installation, Vehicle Acceptance (VAB) and detailed knowledge of the entire on-train environment".

"Above all, we are applying our technical expertise in order to add value. Train Systems isn't about fancy gimmicks or 'nice-to-have' devices - rather, we are using this new technology to achieve real commercial benefits and generate revenue for our clients".

In many cases, the application of Train Systems technology can not only reduce costs, but also generate new revenue-streams. Chris highlights the example of on-train CCTV systems to emphasise these points:

"By deterring vandalism and misuse of passenger communication-handles or other such emergency-stop devices, CCTV technology helps to reduce 'impact-minute' delays and the associated financial penalties faced by train-operators. Through reducing vandalism-damage, CCTV also lessens the need for costly damage-repairs.

"CCTV also gives added marketing benefits, since it enables train-operators to demonstrate a genuine commitment to customer welfare and in so doing, provides a tool to differentiate their services from competitors. Increasing passenger (and crew) security can additionally generate increased revenue through encouraging wider usage - making the train safer for lone females and more attractive for families".

Interfleet's On Train Systems skills encompass not just CCTV, but also On Train Data Recorders (OTDR), Passenger Information Systems (including audio/visual, electronic seat-reservation, route-maps, advertising), Passenger Counting Systems and Passenger Entertainment (seat-back videos, games, gambling, etc). Interfleet is working with all of the various players that go to make up the whole Systems industry, as Chris outlines:

  • Working with suppliers to understand the technology that is available for the railway industry and helping them to offer technology suitable for the rail environment;

  • Advising clients on the capabilities and benefits of Train Systems technologies;

  • Developing system specifications for clients and evaluating suppliers' equipment against client requirements;

  • Project-managing installation and testing of new equipment;

  • Developing industry Standards for Train Systems equipment.

  • Chris sums-up his overview of On Train Systems thus:

    "On Train Systems technology presents a whole host of exciting new opportunities for operators to exploit. For example, passenger entertainment systems not only enhance the on-train environment and thereby help attract new customers, but they also open up a myriad of innovative new revenue-generating possibilities, through advertising and media involvement".

    "In the near future, mobile connectivity will become the norm, with travellers expecting the same communications facilities whilst on the move that they depend upon both at home and in the office. I firmly believe that the railway industry must grasp the opportunities presented by this new technology if it is to compete most effectively with other forms of transport, many of which already offer media and communications facilities".



    On Train Systems