People on the Move

Time Waits for No One

Effective transportation is an integral part of the fast-moving world in which we live. People rely upon efficient transportation, enabling them to quickly and safely reach their destination.

Industrial Design is at the very heart of a successful transport system, helping to create a comfortable, attractive travelling environment, tailored to the modern lifestyle.

Crossing Cultural Barriers

A truly International Approach

Just as Industrial Design is at the heart of any successful transport system, so too is Industrial Design at the heart of Interfleet.

The international experience of our design team enables us to provide tailored design solutions, to meet the diverse cultural requirements of passengers and operators worldwide.

Innovation and Creativity

Experience and Innovation

Industrial Design has a major impact upon business success. It influences the initial visual impact and conditions overall perceptions during those first few vital seconds after boarding. It affects expectations and the travelling experience must live up to those expectations throughout.

Passenger loyalty depends upon a favourable journey experience. All of the physical attributes of the vehicle which interface with the passengers must be carefully considered. The application of ergonomic design principles enables these "human factors" to be properly addressed, ensuring passenger safety, comfort and welfare.

Interfleet's Industrial Design team combines experience and innovation to create effective design solutions that meet client objectives and reinforce client brands and brand-values.

The Industrial Design Advantage


  • Concept Design

  • Through effective concept design, new and innovative ideas can be developed, to achieve product differentiation and enhancements to the travelling environment. Areas of particular importance include ease of access for the elderly and disabled, passenger safety and overall passenger comfort. Other key issues are ease of component assembly, cost-effectiveness and resistance to vandalism.

    In order to most effectively convey design concepts, Interfleet makes full use of the very latest 3D computer technology, incorporating both static and animated imagery. In addition, manually generated sketches and illustrations are also utilised.

    Interfleet's concept design studies aim to fully realise client's design aspirations, taking into account any specific preferences in terms of particular materials, components or manufacturing technologies. All relevant specifications and regulations pertaining to projects are also carefully considered.

  • Strategic Design

  • This phase analyses vehicle/train layouts and on-train facilities which are appropriate to the type of service being offered. A detail awareness of operators' commercial considerations is an integral part of the strategic design phase and Interfleet undertake feasibility studies to develop on-train service recommendations and ensure vehicles are fit for purpose.

  • Interior Design

  • Interfleet Technology has extensive experience in all aspects of interior design, including saloons, vestibules, toilets, seats, cabs, catering equipment and many other specialist interior features. We strive to create a friendly and exciting interface between passengers and the travelling environment.

  • Exterior Design

  • Interfleet can also design, develop and implement all aspects of rail vehicle exterior design for clients.